Week of October 26th: Preparing for Mr. A. G. Ford

This week we learned more about Mr. A.G. Ford, the illustrator who will be visiting our campus. All students reviewed the following slideshow about    Mr. A.G. Ford.

Kindergarten: After learning about Mr. Ford, kindergartners chose one of his illustrations. With the illustrations that they chose, they either drew their version of the illustration, or wrote what they thought was happening.

First and Second Graders: 1st and 2nd graders chose one of Mr. Ford's illustrations and wrote about it. They either described what what happening in the illustration, or they pretended the illustration was in a book and they were writing the words to go with it.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders: They learned about Mr. Ford by participating in two stations. Before they came to the library, they saw the following video:

The students seemed to enjoy the stations. Below are some pictures taken from the week. 

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